Campus de Vitória da Conquista, 26 de junho de 2022

Area of Concentration and Research Lines

Area of Concentration

Multidisciplinarity of Memory
Memory as a multifocal object. Memory and historical dynamics of permanence, change, re-signification and conceptual intersection in different disciplinary competences. Relationship between memory, cognitive processes and historical-social processes. Social and collective memory, cultural representations and educational structures. Language as a place of constitutive memory and represented memory, the conditions for the production of memory narration (in its moments of permanence, transformation, forgetting and returns) in social dynamics and discursive universes under different forms of expression.

Research Line I

Memory, Culture and Education

Studies on the relationship between memory, culture and education. Modulations of history, memory and education in Brazil. Generational memory in school and non-school education. Labor as a memory place of education. Memory and cultural, religious, educational and artistic manifestations. Myth and rite in national and regional memory.

Research Line II

Memory, Discourses and Narratives

Studies on the relationship between memory, discourses and narratives. Different languages (verbal and non-verbal) as a socio-historical place of production, representation and circulation of meanings; as a place of constitutive (unspeakable) and represented memory (spoken, narrated). Memory, history, poetics and fiction. Poetry as the institution of social memory. Poetic writing as social memory. Discourses as a place of conflicting relations between subjects / institutions. Knowledge-power and discursive memory: movement of permanence, repetition, forgetfulness, return, transformation and updating of discourses in different media narratives.


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