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Campus de Itapetinga, 05 de dezembro de 2022

UESB Governo do Estado da Bahia

Graduate courses

Food and ruminant feeding

Food analysis

Data Analysis in Animal Improvement

Methane evaluation in ruminant production

Evaluation and use of tropical forages

Advances in the study of the nutritional requirements of goats and sheep

General biochemistry

Diversity and microbial activity in a pasture system

Grazing ecology

Scientific writing

Supervised Experience in College Teaching I

Supervised Experience in College Teaching II

Supervised Experience in College Teaching III

Applied Statistics

Nutrient Requiriments of Cattle

Lactation Physiology

Quantitative Genetics

Genomics in the conservation and improvement of genetic resources

Tropical pasture management

Genetical improvement

Rumen Microbiology

Forage plant morphophysiology

Grazing cattle nutrition

Mineral nutrition and additives for ruminants

Research and Production in Dairy Cattle

Research and production in beef cattle farming

Experimental planning and analysis

Nutritional planning and management in cattle farms

Forage production and conservation

Agro-industrial waste and by-products in ruminant feed

Advanced Topics in Ruminant Nutrition

Topics in Digestion Physiology

Special Topics in Goat and Sheep Production

Special topics on food and nutritional management of small ruminants

Animal Science as an economic science



Contato Rápido

Programa de Pós-graduação em Zootecnia
Pça Primavera, 40
Bairro Primavera
Itapetinga, BA
CEP: 45.700-000

Telefone: (77) 3261-8628
e-mail: ppz@uesb.edu.br