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PPGGBC opens doors to basic education

Publicado em 11 de June de 2019

In order to promote the visibility of the researches carried out in the Graduate Program of Genetics, Biodiversity and Conservation (PPGGBC) as well as the relevance of scientific studies about the regional biodiversity, the PPGGBC welcomes students and teachers from basic schools, technical institutes and the like by offering monitored visits by students and advisors from PPGGBC to their respective laboratories. During the visitation, the PPGGBC research fields are presented, along with the main results of our projects, promoting the interaction between visitors and the biological richness available in our collections and to scientific research. Similarly, the PPGGBC coordinators are available to schedule visits to schools to talk about PPGGBC and other specific topics of interests.

For that, we just require that teachers, pedagogic coordinators or principals send an email to the PPGGBC secretary (ppggbc@uesb.edu.br).

In 2019, the laboratories from PPGGBC have welcome senior students from Antonio Mota Bitencourt State High School (Barra do Rocha – BA) under supervision of the pedagogic coordinator Leonardo Rezende and from Luísa Mahim State School (Jequié – BA) under the supervision of the teachers Lilian Nery, Sonia Silva, Luciana Gomes and Marinalva Santos.

Visita dos estudantes do Colégio Estadual Antonio Mota Bitencourt no dia 20 de março de 2019. (FOTO: Acervo Pessoal)


Visita dos estudantes do Colégio Estadual Antonio Mota Bitencourt. (FOTO: Acervo Pessoal)

Estudante concluinte do Ensino Médio do Colégio Estadual Antonio Mota Bitencourt (FOTO: Acervo Pessoal)

This experience has been particularly important to the regional insertion of PPGGBC, by awakening students’ curiosity about the local biodiversity and how science can be helpful to classify and identify the potential threats to species, communities and ecosystems. For instance, the 17-year-old senior student Ana Carolina Souza Sampaio from the Luísa Mahim high school (Jequié – BA) stated that visiting the PPGGBC laboratories was “absolutely magical” and biological studies should receive more recognition by the general public.

Visita realizada no dia 28 de março de 2019 pelos estudantes do Colégio Estadual Luísa Mahim (FOTO: Acervo Pessoal)



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